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To ensure that your important immigration matter is handled correctly, speak with an experienced Glendale immigration lawyer. Call (818) 550-1111 to set up an appointment.

Glendale Immigration Attorney


Experience Matters in Immigration Law

Conveniently located in Glendale, Aratta Law Firm is here to help you with matters related to immigration law with prompt and cost-effective representation. With rapidly changing immigration policies, our firm is always up to date and ready to answer your questions. We are mindful that your immigration status can affect your future. For this reason, we identify the importance of properly guiding your case from the inception to attain the desired results without unnecessary delays.

It is important to contact an experienced Glendale immigration attorney if you or your relatives have decided to immigrate, or you need to legalize your status in the United States. It is equally important to obtain proper legal advice at once if you are detained due to an immigration violation. At times, failure to hire a knowledgeable attorney may result in irreversible consequences, such as removal or deportation, leaving you separated from your family and home, unable to return – even if you have established a life in the U.S. and have lived and worked in the country for decades.

Thank you for your services. 5++ customer service and professionalism. Helped us with immigration process from A-Z. Recommend everyone for all legal needs”.
– Stepan M.

Areas of Immigration Law Our Firm Handles

At Aratta Law Firm, we represent people in the full scope of immigration legal matters, including:

  • Family immigration
  • Permanent Residency
  • Asylum
  • Immigration appeals/ law suits/ litigation
  • Naturalization and Citizenship

Aratta Law Firm assists clients throughout the United States and the world on a variety of immigration matters, and brings dedication, experience, and personalized support to every case we take on, including but not limited to the following immigration matters:


Family Petitions

Ensuring your loved ones attain legal status in the USA is of ultimate importance. Our legal team is focused on taking the legal actions necessary to bring your loved ones to the USA legally and allow them to work and earn a living and enjoy the freedoms and rights afforded to residents of the country. Every case is unique, and we provide legal counsel on a range of family petitions, including:


Permanent Residency

Your legal status is of ultimate importance to living and working in the USA. Our firm delivers personalized, professional legal services in a range of residency legal matters, including:



If you are seeking asylum in the USA, the process must be managed carefully, correctly, and with an extraordinary level of legal skill. Our legal team takes on these cases with knowledge, experience and dedication to you and your family.

  • I-589 Application for Political Asylum (Representation at Asylum offices)
  • Representation at the border during credible fear interviews and bond hearings


If you have run into problems regarding your legal status in the USA, the consequences are often extremely serious. We work closely with our clients to address the unreasonable delays or unlawful withholding of actions, with the goal of forcing USCIS to act on pending immigration cases.


Naturalization and Citizenship

Achieving US citizenship is life changing. Our team of attorneys takes on naturalization and citizenship matters with the highest level of professionalism and legal skill.


Other Immigration Applications

Your future in the USA, both working, entering the country, and achieving temporary legal status, or DACA issues must be addressed with the highest level of professionalism, experience, and legal skills. Our firm is dedicated to the people we serve. We take every avenue of action needed to protect or gain your right to live and work in this country.


Immigration Attorney: Your Advocate in Glendale

Immigration law is very complex, and constantly changing, both the laws and enforcement actions taken by ICE. For dedicated, intelligent, and focused legal counsel, we urge you to contact our firm to discuss your legal situation. We stay abreast of all recent changes in law and are well-versed in how to approach any legal matter strategically to pursue the best possible outcome.


Contact an Immigration Lawyer in Glendale

At Aratta Law Firm, we provide immigration legal services to people throughout the greater Los Angeles area or living in other countries. We appreciate the deep trust our clients place in us. We take our responsibility to those we serve very seriously and could take every legal action needed to protect our clients’ right to live and work in the United States.

Call an experienced Glendale immigration lawyer at Aratta Law Firm today at (818) 550-1111 for assistance in your immigration legal matter.

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