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Glendale Eye Injury and Vision Loss Lawyers

If a Glendale auto accident resulted in vision loss or eye injuries, you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries. You will need the help of a skilled Glendale car accident attorney. Call (818) 550-1111 for a free consultation.

Common Reasons for Eye Injuries and Vision Loss

Car accidents, traumatic brain injuries, and burn injuries may cause vision loss. Most people rely on their vision throughout the day to accomplish every task. The sudden loss or injury to this sense in a traumatic accident, involving airbag deployment or a forceful collision, can cause numerous physical challenges. Yet, overcoming the psychological impact of such injuries is often much more difficult. Regardless of how the eye injuries occurred, our Glendale eye injury lawyers have the experience and resources to help clients recover the compensation they deserve.

Vision problems may arise from direct trauma to the eye, though, they often are evident as a result of an injury to the brain. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, at least 1.4 million Americans suffer and are treated for a traumatic brain injury every year. Even more people suffer head injuries and fail to seek medical attention. As a result, mild brain injuries, such as concussions, can result in vision problems that are often left undiagnosed.

After a Glendale car accident, injured victims may experience mild head injuries from a whiplash leading to vision problems. Some of the most common symptoms can range from trouble focusing between near and far objects to seeing double. Even after a fairly mild trauma, it is common for injured victims to experience blurred vision, headaches and sensitivity to light.

Retinal Detachment Injury After a Glendale Car Accident

Another serious vision problem that may arise from injuries related to car crashes is retinal detachment. The retina is the thin layer of tissue which lines the inside of the back of the eye. The purpose of the retina is to turn images entering the eye into signals that go to the brain through the optic nerve. If such injury is left untreated, a person’s retina may become loose or detached which may lead to permanent blindness. It is possible for doctors to reattach the retina, but this injury must be addressed and treated immediately without delay.

Optic Nerve Injury After a Car Crash

Optic nerve damage is yet another serious injury that may cause blurred vision after a Glendale car wreck. The optic nerves are responsible for carrying messages from the eyes to the brain. An amplified pressure in the skull due to brain injury may put pressure on the optic nerves. Such pressure is capable of cutting off blood supply to the optic nerves and can lead to vision loss, and in some cases, complete blindness.

Vitreous Hemorrhage Injury After a Glendale Car Accident

Vitreous hemorrhage is another injury that may arise from a car collision, causing persons to experience blurred vision. The human eye contains a clear, jelly-like substance called the vitreous humor. At times, a head injury may cause blood vessels in the eye to bleed into the vitreous.

It is imperative to discuss any vision changes after an auto accident with a medical professional. Many vision problems may be temporary, but some have the potential to result in permanent damage. Accordingly, any sign of vision issues after an auto accident should be addressed promptly without delay.

Why Choose Aratta Law Firm?

At our firm, every injured client will be in direct contact with a Glendale vision loss attorney. Many large corporate law firms end up transferring you to a case manager – you never speak to an attorney directly and your case becomes part of the mill.

At our firm, we do things different. We pay close attention to every individual case, from the inception and throughout the process of the claim / lawsuit. Our diligence and attention to detail result in consistent higher settlements, which adds up to a higher compensation for you, the client.

Attorney’s Ability To Negotiate

Even though you may have a solid Glendale personal injury claim, the skill and the attentiveness of your attorney can also considerably impact how much compensation you will receive for your injuries. If your injury claim is negotiated by a case manager, assigned to your file at a firm, and not an attorney, your claim may end up settling for a lesser amount. This is because adjusters know who they’re dealing with and how aggressive the firm is when settling injury cases. Insurance adjuster also know who they can bully into accepting lower settlements.

An attorney’s ability to negotiate a settlement is, in many ways, the most important skill an attorney possesses. Lawyers who are effective negotiators know the importance of timing, preparation and strategy. That being said, our firm recognizes the importance of precision, timing and subsequent results, which is the foundation of Aratta Law Firm. At our firm, nothing happens by luck but by great preparation and good strategy.