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Glendale T-bone Accident Lawyers

If you were injured in a T-bone accident in Glendale, you may be able to get compensation for your serious injuries. You will need the help of an accomplished Glendale auto accident lawyer. Call (818) 550-1111 now for a free consultation on your case.

Legal Advocates for Glendale Residents Injured in T-Bone Accidents

Glendale is well known for Brand Boulevard, a famous stretch of retailers, including The Americana at Brand, a large outdoor shopping complex with a dancing fountain, a complimentary trolley, and a variety of dining and drinking options. With a wide selection of retail stores and restaurants drawing customers, traffic in Glendale can be intense. Motor vehicle collisions can happen, including T-bone accidents.

Also known as a side impact collision, a T-bone accident occurs when the front of one vehicle strikes another, in a “T” shape at the point of impact. This type of crash can cause serious injuries. If you have been hurt in a Glendale T-bone accident, it is in your best interests to speak with an experienced personal injury attorney.

What Are the Causes of T-Bone Accidents in Glendale?

Many different factors can contribute to side impact collisions, including poor weather conditions, poorly lit or marked roads, defective traffic lights, and faulty vehicle parts. In most cases, these crashes are due to some type of driver or negligence. Common causes of T-bone accidents include:

What Types of Injuries Do Side Impact Collisions Cause?

When a vehicle is hit on the side, occupants have far less protection. There is only a car door between the driver or passenger and the other vehicle to absorb the impact of the collision. T-bone accidents can cause serious injuries, including:

What Are the Legal Options in Glendale for Victims of T-Bone Accidents?

California is a comparative fault state for car accidents. If you have been injured in a side impact collision that was someone else’s fault, you have a right to seek compensation from the at-fault party. A percentage of fault for the collision is assigned to each party, and your damages are reduced by the percentage of fault assigned to you.

Damages you may be entitled to claim will depend on the particular circumstances of your case. Common damages in car accident cases include past and future medical expenses, lost income, loss of earning potential, and pain and suffering. If you have lost a loved one in a T-bone collision caused by someone else’s negligence, you may seek justice for your loved one and compensation for your family in a wrongful death claim.

How Can a Glendale Car Accident Lawyer Help?

Insurance companies are in business for profit, and the less they pay out, the more profit they make. After a serious T-bone collision, your best chance of recovering the compensation you deserve is to have an experienced personal injury lawyer handling your claim. Our Glendale car accident attorneys can investigate the facts in the collision to determine fault and liability, secure evidence to support your claim, assess the full extent of your losses, negotiate skillfully with insurance companies for a fair settlement, and fight for your rights in court if necessary.

Why Choose Us?

Our Glendale T-bone accident attorneys at Aratta Law Firm base our no-nonsense approach to our practice on three principles -- communication, a tailored assessment of each case, and strategy and approach. We are effective litigators who are aggressive about the right things, for the right reasons, at the right times. We offer a free consultation. If you have been injured or lost a loved one in a T-bone accident, contact our firm at (818) 550-1111.