“My boyfriend (at the time) and I were looking into going through the spousal visa process and ultimately getting a green card.  After doing some preliminary online research and hearing all the horror stories of botching things up by filing paperwork yourself, we decided the best thing to do was to get an attorney that specialized in immigration law.  I shopped around a few places, but I ended up stumbling upon Aratta Law Firm and speaking to David about what the process would entail.  If I remember correctly, that initial conversation was almost an hour-long at 9 pm!  I had a lot of questions and David was super patient and nice with me.  We ended up going through the spousal visa application filing alongside petition for green card with Aratta handling ALL the paperwork neatly and in an incredibly organized manner, which my OCD tendencies appreciate.  They asked us to provide all documentation necessary from all ends and they literally took care of everything else.  When it came time to the interview, Art came with us and we went through it with ease and was approved for the green card by the end of the interview.

It was so easy to work with them!  Even during COVID times when everything was uncertain and slow, it seemed like they followed up with the government end for inquiries so that we would be more at ease.  I highly recommend this law firm for all your immigration needs.  They are knowledgeable, kind, and accessible.

When we go to start the process for US citizenship, we will be using Aratta as well.  Thanks, David and Art!”

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