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Simply being in a car accident is traumatizing enough. However, if you sustain injuries, then you potentially face a lifetime of physical and even financial pain. This is why those who have sustained injuries as a result of an accident need to make a compensation claim for their damages.

The claims process can be very complex, and if you are also dealing with injuries, you may find yourself very overwhelmed. This is why employing the services of an experienced car accident injury attorney is one of the most helpful steps you can take from the beginning. Aratta Law Firm’s attorneys are experienced in dealing with car accident injury claims.

The knowledge, diligence and the attention to detail of an attorney’s office would increase the likelihood of a larger settlement and the amount of compensation you receive. When you report claims, how and when you present the evidence to insurance companies is a crucial part of the claims process. Insurance companies have experienced adjusters; why shouldn’t you have an experienced professional team on your side? If the right steps are taken, your chances are increased in getting the fair compensation on your case.


Due to the high speed of car crashes, some significant injuries can be sustained by the victims. The following are some of the most common injuries we see as a result of a car crash.

Head Injuries

Head injuries are commonly sustained during a car accident. This is trauma to the skull and face. While these types of injuries may seem superficial, they are very serious because they may cause underlying brain damage. Due to the large amount of force in a car accident, significant brain damage can occur, causing a decrease in physical and cognitive abilities.

Back Injuries

Damage to the spine is extremely serious and is often caused by car accidents. The spine is a key factor in the body’s ability to move. Therefore, if there is damage, the victim can often experience physical limitations as well as extreme amounts of pain. Back injuries also may not be immediately noticeable after the accident, creeping up on the victims months after the crash and causing even more problems.

Broken Bones

Sustaining any significant amount of high-speed trauma to your body will likely cause broken bones, which is why it is such a common occurrence during a car accident. While the research and care around broken bones are very advanced, the healing process can take time, keeping you from working. Furthermore, if the bones do not heal properly, this can affect your long-term physical function.


In California, liability for a car accident is determined using the legal theory of negligence. This means that the court will examine if the parties neglected their reasonable duty of care to drive safely. California is also a comparative negligence state. As such, you might be found partially responsible for the crash if there is evidence of this, but you will still be able to claim some compensation for your injuries.

  • Compensation is calculated by the insurance company using one of two ways: the multiplier method and the per diem method.
  • The multiplier method calculates all of the economic costs and damages the accident has caused you and multiplies them by a number ranging from 1.5–5 depending on the severity of the injuries sustained.
  • The per diem method assigns a monetary value to each day of recovery you experienced and totals the number of days it took you to recover.


An attorney can help you to calculate the economic and general damages the accident has caused you, plus negotiate with insurance companies to get you the best amount of compensation available. Aratta Law Firm understands that damages can be devastating. can fight for you to get compensation for the pain and mental anguish you have experienced. If you have sustained injuries in a car accident in Glendale, and you can’t get a hold of your attorney’s office to get updates, it’s time to call Aratta Law Firm at (818) 550-1111 for a quality legal advice from our friendly and experienced team.