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Glendale Laceration and Burn Injury Lawyers

If you suffered burns or cuts in a Glendale auto accident, you may be eligible for compensation for your injuries. You will need the help of a skilled Glendale car accident injury lawyer. Call (818) 550-1111 for a free consultation on your case.

Burns and Lacerations Suffered in Glendale Car Accidents

Burns and lacerations are serious injuries that can affect anyone. If you have been injured in Glendale, Aratta Law Firm is here to help. We have experience regarding burns and lacerations, which can occur as a result of a home, work, or car accident, and affect every part of your life. If you have experienced a burn or laceration in Glendale, Aratta Law Firm will strive to represent your case as best as possible and assist with your recovery. Call a dedicated car accident lawyer at (818) 550-1111 today.

Types of Burns and How They Are Caused

The legal definition of a burn is broad. A burn injury may be caused by many types of accidents including a fire or a car collision. Types of burns range in severity but are commonly caused by thermal, electrical, or chemical accidents. Thermal burns and scalds include burns by fire, steam, or a hot object. Thermal burns can occur at home, at work, or in a vehicle accident. These burns can be severe and prone to infection.

Chemical burns are caused by the skin coming into contact with a harsh chemical, which burns away layers of the skin. These types of burns should be treated immediately to avoid the chemical spreading and burning the skin even more.

Electrical burns can be caused by making contact with frayed electrical cords or unsafe electrical outlets. They are dangerous as they often burn through the skin to internal organs.

Friction burns are another type of burn commonly associated with road accidents and occur when the skin rubs against a hard surface, often the road. Friction burns are common in car accidents if you have been ejected from a vehicle. Motorcyclists are at risk of friction burns, which are colloquially referred to as road rash. These types of burns are usually not as serious as electrical or chemical burns but can be prone to infection.

Burns are common injuries in Glendale car accidents and can require extensive medical treatment and rehabilitation, which can be costly. Aratta Law Firm are experienced car accident attorneys who will work to secure the maximum compensation for your injuries, enabling you to focus on recovery.

Types of Lacerations and How They Are Caused

Lacerations are cuts or tears of the skin caused by a sharp object, or blunt force trauma. Laceration wounds range in severity from surface cuts to deep wounds. Lacerations are common in car crashes.

Lacerations can lead to long-term complications if proper treatment is not received. Aratta Law Firm are dedicated Glendale laceration injury attorneys who will work to ensure you receive the best possible compensation for lacerations that have been caused as a result of an accident.

Symptoms and Long-term Effects of These Injuries

Burn and laceration symptoms are usually immediately obvious. Pain, blood, or the feeling of intense heat immediately identify a burn or laceration. If an injury is especially severe, or not treated properly, it can lead to ongoing issues such as distress, scarring, or repeated infection. Lacerations and burns can occur anywhere on the body, but in car accidents most commonly occur on the face, arm, and legs.

You May Be Entitled to Compensation After a Glendale Car Accident

If you have been injured in crash, you need an experienced Glendale car accident attorney to fight for your rights. Aratta Law Firm has experience recovering compensation for people who have sustained burns or lacerations. The types of compensation you may be entitled to include medical expenses, skin grafts, plastic surgery, loss of earnings and earning capacity, and compensation for scarring and disfigurement. Due to the lifelong issues burns and lacerations can cause, you must engage a skilled attorney who can recover full and fair compensation for you.

Aratta Law Firm sincerely hopes you never need their services, but if you do, call (818) 550-1111 today.