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Documenting Evidence After a Glendale Car Accident


The Benefits of Evidence in a Glendale Auto Accident Case

The first few days immediately following an auto accident are most important for collecting evidence, preserving evidence, and documenting your injuries to make sure any personal injury claim you decide to make it as strong as possible.

Collecting evidence is crucial after a traffic accident. It is for your own benefit to provide as much information as possible to our auto accident attorney. For instance, photographs and videos of all of the vehicles involved, scene photographs, witness information, statements made by other parties at the scene of the accident, photographs of skid marks.

Take as many photographs as possible. Whatever kind of camera you use, take a number of photos from different angles so that you can later pick out the ones that show clearly whatever it is you want to highlight to your accident attorney.

The information you collect would help our Glendale auto accident attorneys to effectively represent you against the insurance companies and other parties involved. Further, evidence you collect at the scene of the crash can greatly improve your chances of proving your innocence. That being said, if you had a dash camera in your vehicle at the time of the crash, make sure it is safely stored after an accident and provide the evidence to our car accident lawyer.


Preserving Physical Evidence After Car Accident

Fault for an accident is at times established by physical evidence, something you can see or touch as opposed to a description of what had taken place. Physical evidence can help us prove the extent of injuries you have suffered as a result of a car accident. Therefore, preserving the physical evidence and providing the same to our accident lawyer is essential. Once you have taken photos at the scene of the accident, it is suggested that you save the photographs and other evidence on your laptop or somewhere safe.


How to Document Your Injuries After Auto Accident

The best way to preserve evidence of your injuries is by promptly taking photographs of any cuts, bruises, swelling, including any casts, splints, bandages, or other devices. Also, visiting and reporting all your injuries to your personal care physician (PCP) is crucial. If you don’t have a PCP, visit an urgent care near you and get medical assistance right away.

Remember, an experienced Glendale car accident lawyer is always aiming to get the best results for you, which translates to a higher settlement on your personal injury case. Without much-documented evidence, your case won’t be as strong.