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What To Do After a Glendale Car Accident


Steps To Take After a Glendale Car Accident

The following are some of the steps that may help guide you through important decisions you need to make if you’ve been in a car accident, whether you were at fault for the accident or not.

  1. Check yourself for injuries and Call 911
  2. Get to safety and wait for help
  3. Take a photo of the Driver Licenses from all of the drivers involved in the crash
  4. Take a photo of insurance ID cards from all of the drivers involved in the crash
  5. Take photos of all the vehicles at the scene of the accident (including yours), depicting the damage caused by the crash.
  6. If there are any independent witnesses, take their name (s) and phone numbers.
  7. Contact our office to speak to a car accident lawyer ASAP.

Avoid Discussing Fault After a Car Accident

It is highly suggested that you avoid discussing fault when exchanging information with the other drivers. Anything you say at the scene of the accident can and will be used against you at a later time. Of course, when the police arrive at the scene of the car crash to investigate, and to possibly write a traffic report, you can provide a statement to the officer in a clear and concise manner.


When To Get a Glendale Car Accident Attorney

If you are involved in a car accident with injuries, anything you say to your insurance company or to other insurance companies involved can be used against you. Your phone calls can be recorded and any admissions or statements made over the phone may be used against you at a later time to discredit your injuries and or claims. This can happen especially when your claim ends up being against your own insurance company, under the (UM) Uninsured motorist policy – when the other party happens to have no auto insurance. At first, you think that your auto insurance is your friend, then they turn on you. We see that happen all the time.

For that reason, we advise that you contact our office immediately after an auto accident or injury so that we can properly report and discuss the claims on your behalf, without jeopardizing your rights of recovery for your injuries and other damages.


We Do Things Differently

When you call our firm, you will speak to an accident attorney directly and not a case manager or an intake specialist. Many firms pass the clients over to the intake department and you end up becoming just another case on a shelf. We do things differently here. Our Glendale car accident attorney will speak to you directly and evaluate your claim in-depth. After the initial consultation, we will invite you to our offices located in Glendale, California with convenient parking. If you are unable to visit our firm, we will come to you.