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Traps Set by Insurance Companies


Recorded Statements by Insurance Companies – What Can Go Wrong

Ask yourself...Why do insurance companies insist on taking your recorded statement right after an accident? This may seem a reasonable request, but accident victims don’t realize that recorded statements are designed to lower the value of your claim. Insurance adjusters are masters at their job, let’s give them credit – they will ask you leading questions, and make you speculate and admit to facts that contradict the truth. Don’t fall for this trap.

Our car accident lawyers conveniently located in Glendale, will guide you through the process and make certain that your rights are not violated.


Recorded Statements vs. Written Statements

The adjuster may inform you that they will not be able to process your claim if you refuse to provide a recorded statement. If your claim is against another insurance company, it’s a third-party claim. If the recorded statement is being requested by the third party’s insurance company, you don’t have to submit it to one. A detailed written statement is sufficient to answer any questions that the third-party insurance company may have. Our accident lawyers can help you evaluate all the questions presented by the insurance companies, and properly convey your answers, in order to preserve your rights to compensation.

Questions presented by insurance adjusters can be tricky, therefore it is crucial to speak to an experienced Glendale car accident attorney from our firm before giving any statements.

Of course, the contract that you’ve signed with your own auto insurance company may have a specific language with regards to your duty to cooperate, including providing a recorded statement. While a written statement to your insurance company would be sufficient, a recorded statement, if required, would have to be done in the presence of your attorney so that your rights are not violated.


Insurance Companies Are Not Your Friends

We have all seen and heard commercials from insurance companies: “Like a good neighbor, State Farm is there”, “You’re in good hands” or “Nationwide is on your side” or “Only pay for what you need”. Sounds convincing, doesn’t it?

But, we need to think a bit realistically and understand that insurance companies are in the business of making profit. They’re not here to pay your claims when you present them. If they see that they can throw a wrench in your claim, you better believe it’s coming. Insurance adjusters are trained to make sure that claims are underpaid and low balled – whether it’s your insurance company or the third party insurance company involved. It is our job, as Glendale auto accident lawyers, to aggressively fight for you and make sure that you receive the proper compensation for your injuries and other damages.