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Advocating for Car Accident Victims in Los Angeles

Car accidents are on the rise in Los Angeles. LAPD reported 312 traffic fatalities in 2022, representing a 5% increase from the previous year and a 29% increase from 2020, as stated by the Los Angeles Times. The most dangerous intersections in 2022 were found to be Soto Street and Washington Boulevard in South LA, Florence and Vermont Avenues in South LA, Balboa Boulevard and Saticoy Street in Lake Balboa, and Cahuenga Boulevard and Selma Avenue in Hollywood. Vision Zero, the LADOT safety program, aims to eliminate traffic deaths on city streets. Since 2017, it has installed 3,000 safer crosswalks, traffic signals, and intersection improvements.

After a serious car accident caused by someone else’s negligence, contact Aratta Law Firm for dedicated representation. Our Los Angeles car accident lawyer can help you pursue compensation for your injuries. Founding attorney Art Oganesian was listed as a litigator of the year by the American Institute of Trial Lawyers and is committed to getting justice for every client. He will handle your case with proficiency and care so you can focus on recovery. At Aratta Law Firm, we take the time to learn about you and your situation and recognize the importance of precision, timing, and results.

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How Do Car Accidents Occur in Los Angeles?

Although car accidents can have many contributing factors, most crashes result from driver negligence. Common causes include:

  • Drunk driving: Alcohol impairs thinking, reasoning, and muscle coordination and significantly affects driving ability. One person dies in a drunk driving crash every 39 minutes in the U.S., according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).
  • Drug-impaired driving: Recreational use of marijuana is legal in California for adults ages 21 and older, but it is not lawful to drive under the influence. Marijuana can slow reaction time, impair distance judgment, and decrease coordination.
  • Distracted driving: Anything that takes the driver’s attention away from operating a motor vehicle is driver distraction. Texting is a particularly alarming form of distraction as it requires visual, manual, and cognitive attention.
  • Speeding: In 2021, speeding killed 12,330 people in the U.S., according to NHTSA. It has been a factor in approximately one-third of all traffic fatalities for more than two decades.
  • Failure to obey traffic signs and signals: Traffic signals and signs are there for a reason. Drivers who disregard them put others on the road at risk. Running a red light at a busy intersection is one of the most reckless things a driver could do.
  • Big trucks: With e-commerce on the rise, we see more large commercial trucks on the roads than ever. Truckers are held to a higher standard because of the sheer size and weight of the big rigs they are driving and the types of cargo they may be carrying. Negligent truck drivers and trucking companies can cause catastrophic or fatal injuries to occupants of passenger vehicles.

What Types of Severe Injuries Can Car Accidents Cause?

The force of impact when vehicles collide can cause severe injury to virtually any part of the body. Many car accident victims suffer:

  • Head trauma and brain injury
  • Fractured bones
  • Dental fractures
  • Facial lacerations and injuries
  • Internal organ damage
  • Whiplash and neck injuries
  • Back and spinal injuries
  • Crush injuries
  • Amputation
  • Scarring and disfigurement

What Compensation Is Recoverable for a Car Accident?

If someone else caused your accident and injuries, you may have a claim for compensation. Damages you may be entitled to claim may include medical expenses, lost wages, loss of future earning potential, pain and suffering, and other losses. Your Los Angeles car accident lawyer at Aratta Law Firm can assess the full extent of your damages and effectively pursue the compensation you deserve.

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