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I have worked with many other personal injury attorneys, and Art was distinctively unique from the rest. He was an avid professional in all aspects of our accident case. He was able to revive our dropped case with great coordination and reassurance. He guides you through the case, explaining why each step must be taken and persistently keeps you updated. Art treats each case as he would for his family. He is not only a knowledgeable attorney, he also completes each case with integrity, loyalty, and character, traits which are hardly present among other professionals in his field. Expect many referrals for your honest work and keen intelligence.”
– Va M.
Aratta Law Firm is the best! I got rear ended by someone texting and driving. I called Aratta Law Firm right away before even calling my car insurance and they handled everything from the insurance to the medical work. I had to see a physical therapist because of my neck and back pain and they took care of all the paperwork. I can’t thank them enough because they made this whole process so easy and fast. I got an amazing compensation for my time and health condition that followed. I will always recommend my family and my friends to this law firm.”
– Michael M.
Art is very professional, very accurate – on top of the game. Great lawyer. I highly recommend his office – you will get the best service like I did! I referred my wife to him also, we both are very happy with his service!”
– Denis V.
This is the most professional law firm… I was very pleased with their service – they were extremely professional and very informative will definitely recommend to my friends”
– Vova M.
I am so happy that I contacted Aratta Law Firm for my case!!!! From the very beginning they have been by my side guiding my every step and have always been responsive and attentive to me. They did everything they said they would and made sure that my case went exactly at they said it would. I am super happy with them and i recommend them to everyone!! You will not regret choosing Aratta Law Firm for all legal needs!!!!!! Thank you guys for everything!!”
– Gor S.
Such an amazing Service, friendly and reliable specialists – it was pleasure working and trusting my business to you. Thank you soo much.”
– Mher P.
This firm helped me with my accident case and we got the results we were looking for.. service is on point too. You don’t need to worry about not getting a call back. They always follow up. Thank you Art for your professionalism and expertise.”
– Rustam I.
I cannot say enough how knowledgeable and professional Art Oganesian is. When I first met Art, he was a paralegal in a law office and he helped us with an accident case and patiently answered my questions (usually I have a lot :)) After years, when I heard that he became a lawyer and has his own practice, I immediately saved his number in my phone so I can reach him out when needed. When an accident happens and one needs a lawyer, there is a need of not only a professional with experience, but also a person who can make the client feel safe and ensure that he/she will take care of the rest. I am so thankful that I have trusted Art and the case that no other lawyer would take – Art accepted and finished with a very good result.

I highly recommend Art. If you ever need an attorney, just give Art a call and you will not regret it.”
– Valentin B.
This firm is professional and friendly. Art was so easy to work with. Attention to detail and quality service got us what we had hoped for. Thank you Art for helping us with our auto accident case. I definitely recommend hiring this firm.”
– Vaneh R.
Although they knew they would not earn any profit from my situation, they still took the time out to call me and guide me as to what my next steps should be. They called me within 30 minutes and on a holiday. They are simply in the business to help people which is rare these days. I highly recommend them.”
– Sheba S.
This was the only firm that actually picked up my phone call during late hours and thank god for that. They handled my hit and run accident case really officiant and the results were more then satisfying. I will definitely recommend this firm for any accident case. Thanks Art for being so patient with me. :)”
– Ray D.
Many thanks to attorney Art Oganesian and his entire staff for exceptionally handling my auto accident matter. I recommend this attorney and firm if you ever get into an accident!”
– Haig B.
My car accident attorney Art put in the biggest contribution to my case and ensured that I got compensation. During the case I always got updated information. I couldn’t recall if I ever texted or called Art first. Personally, I believe Art is the best and most competent car accident lawyer in the LA area. Thank you!”
– Miras T.
I don’t write reviews often, however I wanted to recommend Aratta Law Firm officially. The attorney Art went the extra mile for my case. He was very receptive and responsive to every question I had. What I imagined to be a stressful process was actually easy and straightforward.”
– Mina T.
My boyfriend (at the time) and I were looking into going through the spousal visa process and ultimately getting a green card. After doing some preliminary online research and hearing all the horror stories of botching things up by filing paperwork yourself, we decided the best thing to do was to get an attorney that specialized in immigration law. I shopped around a few places, but I ended up stumbling upon Aratta Law Firm and speaking to David about what the process would entail. If I remember correctly, that initial conversation was almost an hour-long at 9 pm! I had a lot of questions and David was super patient and nice with me. We ended up going through the spousal visa application filing alongside petition for green card with Aratta Law Firm handling ALL the paperwork neatly and in an incredibly organized manner, which my OCD tendencies appreciate. They asked us to provide all documentation necessary from all ends and they literally took care of everything else. When it came time to the interview, Art came with us and we went through it with ease and was approved for the green card by the end of the interview.

It was so easy to work with them! Even during COVID times when everything was uncertain and slow, it seemed like they followed up with the government end for inquiries so that we would be more at ease. I highly recommend this law firm for all your immigration needs. They are knowledgeable, kind, and accessible.

When we go to start the process for US citizenship, we will be using Aratta Law Firm as well. Thanks, David and Art!”
– Jess L.
I was looking for a quick response as far as what to do regarding a recent car incident. I posted my question directly through their yelp page and received a prompt and detailed response from Art Oganesian, Esq. THANK YOU very much for your guidance and assistance, I really appreciate it… In a nutshell, my mom’s car was badly damaged by a Moving Company TRUCK. The moving company did not want to take responsibility. I made a phone call to my insurance company and was given the run-around. Frustrated, I posted a question to Aratta Law Firm. To my amazement, I got an immediate response that was DETAILED and REASURRING. Moving forward, my mom is in the process of settling with the Moving Company, sincerely thanks to attorney Art’s expertise and help. This firm really values and takes care of their clients!”
– Cindy S.
I had a consultation with attorney Art Oganesian regarding my auto accident. Very knowledgeable and I would definitely recommend him if you have a car accident!!!! Thanks for your help, Art!”
– Dahni B.
Art is very knowledgeable and guided me in the right direction about a debt collection issue I was having. I would 100% recommend his services. Thank you.”
– Cody H.
Art gave me an excellent consultation. He was professional, thorough, considerate. In a short 10 minute discussion, he made me feel like I was in good hands. I appreciate that. In a world full of chaos and uncertainty, clarity is most appreciated.”
– Nancy L.
I worked with Aratta Law, Art Oganesian, for my car accident. It was a complicated case involving multiple parties. Art was able to handle the case effectively and professionally - demonstrating the needed knowledge in the field and conference based on his experience.”
– Artur M.
I am thankful to attorney Art Oganesian and his staff for his hard work on my auto accident case. Art knows the law and how to help when there is no hope. This office is very professional and returns calls on time. I have dealt with attorneys before and this firm is one of the best! Thank you so much for everything and for best result on my case.”
– Robert S.
I had a difficult case. This firm and their staff worked day and night to help me with my case. Can’t thank them enough for their professional work! Thank you for all the hard work!”
– Hakop N.
I was recommended to Aratta Law Firm by my friend. I had a very complicated case and I thought that nothing could be done. This attorney not only gave me hope, but also professionally completed my case. I literally cannot believe how well Art and David worked on my case and made me win it. Thank you thank you thank you from the bottom of my heart. I highly recommend this attorney and this firm with any of your car accident or immigration needs.”
– Anna E.
I found Aratta Law Firm to be professional and helpful. The lawyers are knowledgeable and responsive. They navigated my case well, with a clear focus on achieving a good outcome.”
– Nelli M.
Extremely professional and reassuring. Exactly what you need especially when you are dealing with a difficult case. I appreciate everything Art did to make sure everything went smoothly.”
– Vrej K.
Aratta Firm, specifically David assisted me in my case with at most respect and professionalism! Right from the start of the case, it was evident that I'm in good hands. I was able to count on them to respond to my questions and concerns in a timely manner whether during the consultation or throughout the case process. Thank you Aratta Firm! Thank you David!”
– Sergey A.
Thank you very much for all the work on my case, I could not resolve this without your professional help- thank you Art and David for your tireless work on my file!”
– Aram D.
Very competent careful responsible lawyers who followed our case step by step. Important points warned, prepared, informed, we recommend our family Aratta Law Firm. They are available even in difficult moments, ready to solve our situation as quickly as possible.

Berlin, Germany”
– Silva R.
Highly recommend. Professional and great service.”
– Armine G.
I hired Aratta Law Firm and they helped me tremendously with my case. Art and David literally worked around the clock to make sure that we are successful. Now that my case is over, I would like to thank them with all my heart and I recommend this firm if you need trustworthy attorney. Thank you!”
– Liana O.
I appreciate ARATTA Law Firm for the work that they have done for me. They are definitely great and caring attorneys. I certainly don’t hesitate to recommend them to anyone that I know. I am highly satisfied with my experience with ARATTA Law Firm.

Thank you once again.”
– R Dan.
It's a true pleasure recommending Aratta Law Firm. I personally worked with Art Oganesian for my recent auto accident.

Art is an expert in auto accident law and pursues every possible avenue to protect his client's rights with maximum beneficial outcome.

If you're looking for someone to relentlessly and tirelessly fight for your rights after you've had an auto accident, I highly recommend connecting with Aratta Law Firm.”
– Hayk V.
I am very pleased and grateful to have found this Law Firm. David in particular, was the person who helped us with all of our questions, concerns, he guided us throughout, he is truly one of the best people we have met. He truly cares for his clients and has the best interest in them. Thank you David, we will forever be grateful. I Highly recommend this team!”
– Bebe R.
I was extremely satisfied with the level of professionalism and efficiency provided for my case. I definitely recommend their legal services to others!”
– Ruben I.
This attorney helped me with my case and I am so thankful to him. Previous offices did not do a good job and my case was completely mishandled. Thank you Art and David for all the great work.”
– Vic S.
My case was a complicated one. But from the time that I signed my agreement with this law firm I was in good hands. Thank you for all hard work! I recommend this law firm. Thanks a lot.”
– Armen S.
Arratta Law Firm helped me with a complicated personal injury case that I had recently. Art Oganesian was there to hold my hand throughout the entire process of the claim. Not very many attorneys would have the patience, and I mean that. Thank you again for your hard work and willingness to take my case. I truly appreciate everything you did for me and would highly recommend your law firm to my friends for their legal needs.”
– Tamara G.
Aratta Law Firm is your best option, very professional and reliable. David explained to us in the best way how our case was going to be carried out, he was in constant communication to give us updates and resolve any doubts that arose during the process. We are very satisfied with the results and we strongly recommend. Thanks for everything!”
– Antionette J.
Excellent experience from start to finish. Communication was timely and professional. Knowledge and skill top notch. This is by far the best experience I have had in the area. If myself or anyone I know ever need anything, I know where I would go or recommend.Thank you.”
– Aren K.
Great group of professionals I’ve had the pleasure of working with! Thoroughly explain everything and answer questions in a timely manner!”
– Jenny M.
I never knew or realized the details and angles to an auto accident case and insurance coverage before coming to this firm. Art gave me a thorough explanation regarding my case and made sure that I really understood the process. Great appreciation for your time and insight”.
– Maria H.
Thank you for your services. 5++ customer service and professionalism. Helped us with immigration process from A-Z. Recommend everyone for all legal needs”.
– Stepan M.
I found myself in an unfamiliar situation and needed professional assistance quickly. Art gave me great insight on my case immediately. I received what I was hoping for and more. Throughout the process he was forthcoming and helpful. Thank you very much, sir!”
– Bruce M.
I would highly recommend this law firm Art was able to help my family with a case that no one else gave us hope for and I am very thankful. if you are looking for results then this law firm would be your go to law firm very satisfied thank you”.
– Ani M.
I was represented by Aratta Law Firm recently for my citizenship case and I must say, I couldn’t be more happy with their services. They were professional and very attentive from beginning to the end. Highly recommended!”
– Ashton B.
Friendly law firm who made sure their clients were treated with respect and care. We’ll definitely turn back to this law firm if we find ourselves in future auto-related predicaments”.
– Richard W.
I am extremely pleased with their services and attention to detail with my application. They are one of the best immigration attorneys in the state. I did all the work with ten starting from immigration visa to citizenship. They answered every email and phone call immediately. I will recommend them anytime”.
– Lilit P.
I seldom review places, however, I needed to share my positive experience at Aratta Law Firm. Each individual here is professional, prompt, and importantly, caring. You’re treated as a person, not just a number. This is why I’ve referred friends and family as well. The Aratta Law Firm team will go above and beyond to help you with all your legal issues and needs, give them a call or visit and you definitely wont regret it”.
– L.A. Design Google)
Aratta Law Firm assisted us with getting a Green Card after 20 years and after receiving a denial of the case. They found the mistakes of the previous lawyers and were able to reapply with corrected documents. They are very knowledgeable and reliable. Thank you Aratta Law Firm Team for your dedication and professionalism!”
– Maya H.
Thank you Aratta Law Firm for helping me with my personal injury case. I received maximum compensation thanks to attorney Art Oganesian. Highly recommend this firm!”
– Aram H.
Art helped me throughout the entire process of my case. He was professional, kind, empathetic and took his time to settle the case. Great lawyer.”
– Arshak T.
For over a decade Harout at Aratta has worked on more than one cases with my family. We kept coming back, for his loyalty to his clients, being considerate to our situation, and most importantly for his high professionalism.

During these years, Harout, had never gave up on any of our cases, even when the thinks got complicated. On a contrary, he stayed on top & ruled through all possible avenues until we won.

He has always managed to guide us step by step through the process; give straight to the point answers or explanations; being on time, keeping us in the loop; which are the exact qualifications that can sat ones mind at ease, that they are in good hands.

In the end, I want to thank Harout and Aratta team for their services and the devotion to our community.”
– Hasmik A.
I had a K1 case and ended up in the USA with their professional help.

I was in Armenia and my fiancé was in USA. We choose their law firm because they were very professional in their business.

The visa process is very long and it’s really important to have a lawyer who can help you, who can explain everything step by step. Their team, especially David was a very friendly person, despite the time difference between Armenia and USA, he was always in touch with me, he was ready to answer all my questions . (he really prepared me for my visa interview, he explained how i should prepare my paperwork, etc)

Thank you again David for your help and support.”
– Christine K.
Thank you for handling my personal injury case effectively and promptly. Many firms lack the discipline, and I’ve seen it first hand. If you’re seeking legal help related to auto accidents, you won’t be disappointed.. Definitely recommend.”
– Spartak Y.
This firm helped me with my accident case, even though I had doubts if I can win it. Excellent customer service from the beginning to the end. If you get into a car accident, don't wait and call this law firm. Thank you Art for all your help and your professionalism”
– Beniamin M.
My wife and I are very lucky to have read the reviews on google before calling Aratta for immigration services. They were transparent and communicative regarding every step. They absorbed all the challenges and always treated me in such a way to keep my mood exalted. I feel like I got my money’s worth because their intelligence paid off. The positive results I expected were produced ahead of schedule with minimal obstacles for myself. It was a big deal for my family and it was taken care of efficiently and gracefully.”
– Aram O.
I couldn’t have asked for a better attorney to handle my auto accident case. Their expertise, dedication and compassion made a difficult situation much easier to navigate. Thank you!!”
– Anastasia A.
I am immensely grateful for the professionalism and trust that the legal team at Aratta displayed while handling my car accident case, exceeding the highest standards in every aspect. Thank you!!”
– Asya B.