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Representing Out-of-State Drivers in Glendale Auto Accident Cases

Southern California is a magnet for tourists. 50 million people visit the Los Angeles area every year. If you have been injured while driving in Glendale and other areas in L.A., you need proper representation. If injured in an accident while in the region, it can be difficult to know where to turn for help. The first step is to ensure you are represented by a local car accident attorney, who can assist in filing a claim or lawsuit to recover compensation. For qualified, experienced legal assistance, reach out to Aratta Law Firm at (818) 550-1111.

Visitors to Glendale and Los Angeles

Many tourists who choose to visit the LA area want are interested in visiting many of the well-known sites, such as the Hollywood sign, Hollywood Boulevard, or local Glendale-adjacent sites such as famous sites, including Forest Lawn Memorial Park, the L.A. Zoo, Griffith Park, the Americana, the Autry Museum, and other locations of interest, or visiting family and friends who live in the area.

While driving to these locations, the driving conduct of many vehicle operators in the area may come as a shock, with traffic moving fast, with streets and freeways heavily traveled, and aggressive driving common. Out-of-state drivers who are unfamiliar with the region can be involved in a serious auto collision, requiring emergency medical care and hospitalization.

Los Angeles Traffic Risks

It’s not hard to see how LA area streets and freeways are overcrowded, and the location of many serious car accidents. With nearly 12,500,000 residents in the metropolitan area, combined with the 50 million annual visitors, it is no surprise that Los Angeles County has the highest number of annual traffic accidents in the nation, with the second highest number of fatalities in the nation in accidents involving commercial trucks. If you or a loved one were visiting the area and were injured in a car accident, speak to a local attorney about how to proceed with a claim or lawsuit to seek compensation.

Safe Driving Tips for Los Angeles

If you are unfamiliar with L.A. traffic, follow these tips for safer driving:

  • Leave plenty of room between your vehicle and the vehicle ahead, both on streets and freeways.
  • If you encounter an aggressive driver, move out of the way as quickly and safely as possible.
  • Never operate your vehicle in close proximity to a commercial truck. Move ahead, change lanes, or drop behind.
  • Do not drive a distance in the right lane on freeways if you are traveling a distance, as this is the merge lane.
  • Ensure you change lanes with plenty of road ahead when planning to exit the freeway, as many of the freeways have six lanes and crossing lanes can require some time.
  • Drive at the speed of traffic. If you want to drive more slowly, drive in the second lane on the right.
  • Driving far slower than the posted speed limit can be as dangerous as speeding.
  • Be sure you have a dashcam installed in your car in case of an accident. Some accidents end up being disputed. By having a dashcam, you ensure that your rights and assets are protected from other drivers claiming damages.

Hit by an Out-of-State Driver?

Out-of-state drivers are extremely common in the L.A. area. When such a driver causes an accident, it can lead to serious injuries. You may be uncertain about how to seek compensation from the out-of-state driver’s insurance. All drivers operating vehicles in Los Angeles are required to have auto insurance that meets the state requirements. With the help of a Glendale car accident lawyer, the at-fault driver’s insurance company can be contacted, and an insurance claim filed to seek full compensation.

Unfortunately, many out-of-state drivers are confused when driving in the L.A. area, uncertain how to reach a destination, and could make poor driving decisions, leading to an accident. With the help of an attorney, these cases can be resolved as quickly as possible. If the responsible driver’s insurance policy limits do not cover the costs of all damages, a civil lawsuit can be filed against the driver to pursue other avenues for compensation.

Truck Accident Cases: Out-of-State Trucks

The freeways and streets in Los Angeles have many commercial trucks, most of which are from out-of-state, delivering goods to the region, including Glendale and other communities. When an accident involves an out-of-state truck, filing a claim or lawsuit can be a complex legal matter. All supporting evidence must be obtained and preserved, and all liable parties identified, which may include:

  • Truck Driver
  • Trucking Firm
  • Truck Manufacturer
  • Truck Parts Manufacturer
  • Truck Maintenance Firm

Your Right to Compensation

Under California state law, the at-fault driver is held liable for damages. In some cases, the responsible driver, or their insurance company, could challenge a claim, asserting that the victim caused, or was partially responsible for the accident. It is imperative any serious injury case is managed by an experienced lawyer. If another party caused the accident, whether a local or out-of-state driver, the injured party has the right to seek full compensation for all damages, including economic and non-economic damages. California has jurisdiction in vehicle accidents that involve a resident hit by an out-of-state driver. Under state law, these cases will be addressed in the local civil court system.

Injured in an accident involving an out-of-state driver? We handle auto accidents on a contingency fee basis – no legal fees unless we recover compensation for you. Contact a Glendale car accident attorney at Aratta Law Firm today for a free consultation at (818) 550-1111.