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I-130 Relative Petitions Through Marriage

If you want to seek permanent residency status for your spouse, contact an experienced Glendale immigration attorney to help file an I-130 petition. Call (818) 550-1111 for assistance.

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Lawyer Provides Assistance for Clients Seeking Permanent Residency Status for Spouses

If you are a U.S. Citizen or a U.S. permanent resident (Green Card holder) and want to seek permanent residency status for your spouse, an I-130 petition must be filed. This form is a “Petition for Alien Relative,” and is the first step in assisting your spouse to achieve the right to live and work in the United States. Submitting the petition does not bring any immediate benefit or right but is merely the first step in a long process.

Due to significant backlogs at USCIS, it is imperative that your I-130 petition is filed correctly, with no missing documentation or evidence, as this will delay the process for months or longer. At Aratta Law Firm, our legal team manages every detail of the process, from start to finish, and we are honored to help families with this important legal matter.


Do I Need an Immigration Lawyer?

With the help of Aratta Law Firm, you can be confident that the I-130 petition is submitted correctly, and in a timely manner. USCIS is focused on ensuring that your marriage is legitimate and was not performed as a strategy to gain legal status in the U.S. The agency requires extensive evidence that the marriage was not performed as an effort to circumvent immigration law.


Married to a U.S. Citizen?

If you are married to a U.S. citizen, you must present an official record of the marriage to confirm it was legally performed. In some cases, alternative evidence could be submitted. If the marriage was “common law,” your common law spouse can apply for a Green Card, but only under specific circumstances. You must be living in a state where common law marriages are recognized and have met the legal qualifications in that jurisdiction.


Married to a Permanent Resident?

A marriage-based application for a Green Card will require extensive evidence. If you are a Green Card holder and would like to apply for your spouse, rules are different. This is because this category of petitions does not fall under immediate relative category and could take longer to be processed. It is important that you contact Aratta Law Firm to obtain legal consultation to ensure that the process is explained to you and the right steps are taken to avoid delays and complications.


Why Choose Aratta Law Firm?

When you choose a Glendale immigration attorney, you want to be confident that your case will be given full priority, and that your lawyer genuinely cares about you and your spouse. At Aratta Law Firm, we are dedicated to the people we serve, and stay in close communication as the case moves through the process. If you are seeking legal status for your spouse, your case will be in the hands of a talented immigration lawyer who is results-driven, effective, and can navigate the immigration system for you. Don’t take chances when you need your husband or wife to gain legal status. The outcome of your case will, in large part, be based on the skills of your attorney. We invite you to meet with us about your immigration legal issues and work with a law firm that goes the distance for every client.

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