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Diversity Lottery (Green Card Lottery)

For assistance seeking permanent residency status through the green card lottery, contact a Glendale immigration lawyer at (818) 550-1111 that can help you through the process.

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Are You Seeking Permanent Residency Status Through the Green Card Lottery?

If you are seeking Permanent Residency status through the Green Card Lottery, whether you are living in the U.S. or in another country, the process can be lengthy, complex, and overwhelming. You have a limited timeframe in which to register for this program each year. At Aratta Law Firm, we offer legal counsel to assist in this matter. For a skilled immigration lawyer who will work closely with you throughout the process, call us today at (818) 550-1111.

Aratta Law Firm assisted us with getting a Green Card after 20 years and after receiving a denial of the case. They found the mistakes of the previous lawyers and were able to reapply with corrected documents. They are very knowledgeable and reliable. Thank you Aratta Law Firm Team for your dedication and professionalism!”
– Maya H.

How Does the Diversity Lottery Work?

The Diversity Lottery allows for 50,000 immigrant visas to be issued annually, drawn from a random selection of entries submitted by people living in countries with lower rates of immigration to the U.S. Most “lottery winners” live in another country, but some are already living in the U.S. Only those people who meet the eligibility criteria can enter the Diversity Lottery.


Are You Eligible to Enter the Diversity Lottery?

The list of qualified countries changes every September. If you are a citizen of an eligible country, married to a citizen of an eligible country, or your parent lived in an eligible country when you were born, you may be qualified to enter the lottery. The application process requires you to submit a great deal of information. Any error or missing documentation will cause your application to be rejected, as such, it is crucial that the process is completed correctly. Let Aratta Law Firm handle your case skillfully to avoid any unnecessary delays. The steps of the process are as follows:

Submit an entry. You have limited time in which to register for the program each year. An online registration is required. You can only apply once during registration period, or you will be disqualified. For the Diversity Lottery, you must register for the program by the listed due date. The eligibility requirements include:

  • A minimum of a high school education or equivalent level of education or two years work experience within the past five years that involved at least two years training or experience in a qualified profession.
  • Your application must be fully complete and include your name exactly as it appears on your passport, listed in the order required.
  • You must list your gender.
  • The city and country where you were born.
  • Recent photographs (within six months) of you, your spouse, and children you have listed on your entry in the lottery. If you apply every year, each year the photos must be new, or your application will be rejected. (For detailed photo requirements please contact our office)
  • Your current address in a specific format.
  • Your email address. Please note that the Department of State does not send an email about being selected – if you receive such an email, it is a scam.
  • Your education history, with details.
  • Current marital status, along with spouse’s legal status in the U.S., if any.
  • Number of children under 21, along with birthdate, gender, and where born (city and country), whether natural or adopted.

How Are Entries Selected?

The Department of State randomly selects from the qualified entries. To find out if you have been selected, you must navigate to a specific webpage to check your status, which you should check frequently, as this is the sole method by which you can find out if you were selected. To be accepted, you must be deemed eligible to enter the U.S. Once selected, a consular officer will interview you to help further confirm your eligibility. As some applicants do not meet the eligibility criteria after selection, the Department of State selects more than 55,000 entries.


Do I Need a Glendale Immigration Lawyer?

At Aratta Law Firm, we assist clients in the aforementioned process to ensure every step is completed accurately and timely, as it can be difficult and confusing. Any error or incorrect documentation submitted will cause your application to be rejected. Our services extend to people eligible for this lottery who reside both inside and outside the U.S. We are experienced, dedicated, and focused on assisting our clients to build new lives with their loved ones in the United States.

Contact our Glendale immigration lawyer at Aratta Law Firm at (818) 550-1111 if you need legal counsel to assist you through the Diversity Lottery process.