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Glendale Drivers Are Awful at Driving in the Rain

By Glendale Personal Injury Attorney on January 10, 2023

Most drivers in California often assume they can drive well in the rain. Unfortunately, this belief can be very dangerous and deadly as regular accident statistics show. Rain is considered the country’s top cause of hazardous driving conditions, especially in California, where drivers don’t often face it. Glendale drivers are often found in similar situations because oil builds up on roads for many months before it rains.

If you have sustained injuries in an accident due to rain or wet conditions, you need the help of an experienced Glendale car accident injury lawyer. Read on to learn more about the dangers of driving in the rain and some measures you can take to protect yourself.

The Dangers of Driving in the Rain

You should always take rain seriously on every road you ever drive on, but especially Glendale roads. As is the case with most places in California, Glendale is prone to rain-related accidents. Generally, dry areas are more prone to rain-related motor accidents than wet regions for various reasons. Some of them include the following:

  • Hydroplaning happens when the vehicle’s tires fail to grip the road and instead travel on the top of the water’s surface
  • The build-up of oil on the road due to prolonged periods of no rain — the road becomes especially slick when it rains
  • The driver’s inexperience driving under such conditions since they only face these conditions a limited number of times per year

In Glendale, the most overlooked and arguably the biggest threat in the rain is the unseen layer of oil on the roads. As one of California’s major cities, millions of cars use roads through Glendale daily, and the little drops of oil accumulate over time. Given that Glendale can go for many months without rain, oil accumulates on the road in progressively thicker layers, which becomes very slippery after it rains.

Road oil isn’t a threat in areas that regularly receive rain as it is washed away before it accumulates. Plus, the drivers in rain-prone areas are more used to driving in wet conditions. This is different in places like Glendale, where it doesn’t rain often. The longer it takes to rain, the more dangerous the roads become. Most Glendale drivers don’t have experience driving in such circumstances regularly, and often end up causing accidents. They lack the ability to maneuver slippery roads and could run into other vehicles. If you get injured due to another person’s carelessness in such circumstances, you have the right to seek compensation.

Staying Safe When It Rains

It is the duty of every driver on the road to exercise caution by slowing down and driving carefully when conditions become risky, such as when it rains. Here are tips on how drivers can stay safe on California roads during and immediately after rainfall.

  • Avoid cruise control
  • Keep a larger distance between your vehicle and the next vehicle in front of you
  • Drive slowly and carefully
  • Avoid hard brakes when stopping
  • Know how to manage hydroplanes

How Our Glendale Personal Injury Attorneys Can Help

Dedicated and experienced Glendale car accident attorneys at Aratta Law Firm are here to help you with all car accidents that have occurred during the rainy season. We will help prove liability and work on ensuring you get compensated for all the damages you have suffered.

Whether you sustained serious injuries that affected your ability to work or your car was damaged, our attorneys will advise you on the best legal action to take. Call (818) 550-1111 today to schedule your consultation.

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