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Increased Dangers Only Motorcyclists Face

By Glendale Personal Injury Attorney on September 20, 2022

Driving a motorcycle increases your risk of being in an accident that causes severe injuries, due to other drivers’ lack of visibility and the lack of protection that a motorcycle provides. Motorcycles are not protected by the safety of four doors, a windshield and seat belts.

Most motorcyclists in California wear a helmet as their only form of protection. The lack of protection provided by a motorbike means that the motorcycle riders are more likely to sustain injuries from car accidents, and those injuries are more likely to be permanent.

California is one of the most popular states for motorcycles. In fact, just under 1 million motorcycles are registered there — the highest in the US. Common causes of motorcycle accidents in California include speeding, driving under the influence, and right of way accidents.

Common Types of Accidents That Involve Motorcyclists

There are also unique situations that motorcyclists have to be aware of that most other drivers wouldn’t give a second thought to. These include:


Most drivers fail to see motorcycles when they are driving next to them and will often change lanes or turn, hitting the motorcyclist.

Lane Splitting

Lane splitting accidents occur when a motorcyclist drives in between busy lanes with cars on each side of them. A common misconception is that motorcyclists aren’t permitted to do this, but in fact it is legal in California. However, they must do so reasonably and safely.

Car Door Opening

Just like riding a bicycle, a common accident that occurs when riding a motorcycle is people opening their car doors without properly looking. Opening a car door onto a motorcyclist can result in the motorcyclist having to brake suddenly, leading to a loss of control. Riders are at risk of colliding with the car door or the person attempting to get out of the car.

Turning Accidents

Often, motorcycles will collide with a car when that car is turning. This can happen when a car is turning left into oncoming traffic or if a car doesn’t give adequate indication before turning right. In both of these incidents, the driver of the car will likely be at fault.

Bad weather, road conditions and an inexperienced rider can also increase the likelihood of an accident.

What Injuries Do Motorcyclists Sustain?

Motorcycle accidents result in a range of injuries, each with a different level of severity. Some of the most common injuries can include:

These types of accidents will often require multiple visits to medical centers as well as extensive hours participating in physical therapy and conditioning. The time these injuries take to heal and their expenses can place a lot of stress on both the body and mind. It’s important to take these injuries seriously and follow medical advice to ensure that you are able to heal fast and fully.

Why Hire a Glendale Motorcycle Crash Lawyer?

Lawyers are the most qualified to fight for someone who is suffering from an injury or multiple injuries due to a motorcycle accident. If another driver is liable for the accident then a lawyer will use their knowledge to prove that they are at fault and that they should be covering the costs of the losses that you have suffered.

Choose a Glendale motorcycle accident attorney who has had experience investigating motorcycle accidents caused by other drivers, and who can recognize which evidence is needed to prove liability in California. Your lawyer will also be able to determine if you or someone else was contributorily negligent so that you will be able to make the best decisions regarding your case.

The lawyers at Aratta Law Firm have the experience necessary to pursue a Glendale personal injury claim and will advocate for your right to be compensated for your losses. Call the trusted team at (818) 550-1111, so that they can help you on your road to recovery.

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