Aratta Law Firm is noted for attracting transactional and litigation work from a broad spectrum of clients.  We make it a priority to make the most of our knowledge and get our clients the results they deserve. This dedication to our clients and the legal system is what sets Aratta Law Firm apart.

A few words from President and CEO Art Oganesian, Esq.

Throughout my legal career, I have had an unwavering passion to advocate for those in need. While being employed for various firms prior to becoming a lawyer, I realized that as an attorney, I would advance my abilities to assist and represent clients in a much broader spectrum.

After passing the bar and becoming a lawyer, I started working in a fast – paced environment, handling complex litigation cases involving serious injuries. I’ve gained vast knowledge in dealing with insurance adjusters, defense attorneys, judges and other experts in the field. I understand the importance of identifying the essential angles of a case from the inception, aiming to raise the odds of winning and prevailing in a case.

Whether it’s a deposition for a personal injury matter or a hearing at the immigration court, my rule is the same – always expect the unexpected. As Jack Canfield once said – “I believe that people make their own luck by great preparation and good strategy.”

I seek to give the best service that my clients deserve – this rule also applies to individuals who work with me. I treat my clients the way I’d like to be treated. I strongly believe that due diligence lays the foundation for making the consequences of an action as favorable as possible for the client. I look forward to working with you on your case, and guiding you in every step of the way.

– Art Oganesian, Esq., President and CEO

David Hovhannisyan,
Legal Administrator

Mr. Hovhannisyan joined Aratta Law Firm, APC since the inception.  His 25 years of experience in the legal field offers a unique opportunity to serve our clientele with high professionalism and knowledge of the law.  Mr. Hovhannisyan was previously employed with numerous leading immigration law firms, as well as law firms handling criminal cases in the Los Angeles County.

Throughout his carrier, he handled complex immigration cases ranging from family immigration, asylums, fiancé visas, citizenships to immigration court and detention cases.  He also assisted attorneys in a high profile criminal case involving one of Michael Jackson’s doctors.

Together with his knowledge of the law, he managed law firms’ day to day operations and provided critical case management.  The trust and dedication to the community that Mr. Hovhannisyan developed throughout the 25 years of his career in the legal field, makes him a great asset to our firm.

He received his Bachelors of Business Administration and Marketing from California State University Northridge in 2006. Mr. Hovhannisyan has full professional proficiency in both Armenian and Russian languages.

Agnesa Oganesian,
Legal Assistant

Agnesa Oganesian has been with the firm since the beginning 2019.   Her educational background in sociology has given her the knowledge and the skills necessary to work with clients effectively.  Her approach has always been strongly influenced through a sociological lens. This perception has fostered critical thinking and the pursuit of solutions in various legal matters. Her professionalism, attention to detail and interpersonal skills have been fundamental to firm’s success.